Week in the Life: Saturday

Phone Photos 001

Ah yes.  On Saturday I woke up and took a selfie while brushing my teeth, because I feel like we have really explored all of the other morning activities.

So, there’s that.

The first order of the day was baking a pan of cornbread since I was hosting a small Friendsgiving later in the evening and my dish was stuffing.  It’s a favorite of mine to make, and yet I only make it once a year.  For Friendsgiving.

Phone Photos 002

I also drank coffee.  Again.  Because that is a pretty normal thing to do.

Phone Photos 003

Marcus was out of town this weekend, so I was responsible for the grocery shopping.  I have a love-hate relationship with the activity because I love going to the store and seeing all of the different products and thinking of all of the different possibilities.  But because of this, I am terrible at following my own lists and it takes me forever.

Anyway, I went to ALDI right at 9:00 AM when it opened.

Phone Photos 004

And then to Trader Joe’s.

Phone Photos 005

Finally, and not pictured, I went to Cub.  Where I was especially captivated by the man inspecting the offerings in the canned beef hash/Dinty Moore section.  I dragged our haul home and unloaded it.

Phone Photos 006

At which point, once everything was in the fridge and in the pantry,  I hopped onto the treadmill.

Phone Photos 007

Shortly after I wrapped my workout and hopped out of the shower, my sister-in-law appeared for a birthday party we were headed to.  And no, I will never smile when I selfie.  Ever.

Phone Photos 008

The party was for our girl, Tiffany and the theme was…Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Phone Photos 009Phone Photos 010

It was absolutely perfect.  I have never met a sprinkle donut or a bloody mary bar I did not like.

Post-party, we had some quality sis-time and then I lit a candle, threw some tea on to boil and did a little bit of R&R with my kindle.

Phone Photos 011

And then at last, it was finally time for friendsgiving.  Amy, Dana and Galina came over and we feasted on quinoa salad, cornbread stuffing, rotisserie chicken and LOTS of brie.  It was just glorious and such needed girl time.

Phone Photos 012Phone Photos 013

We determined that it was time to adjourn when everyone started yawning.  I feel like that’s the mark of a good night.


2 responses to “Week in the Life: Saturday

  1. What a lovely day. May your Sunday be bacontastic

  2. Girl time is therapeutic. I love the Breakfast at Tiffany’s idea. Clever… and how you found Solo cups that color…

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