Week in the Life: Thursday

Ah yes, another day, another day worth of photos.  Today, I woke up and did all of the same things I usually do (workout/coffee/breakfast), but here is a photo of my closet because we have not seen that yet this week.

Phone Photos 001

Anyway, it’s where I keep all of my clothes.  My senior year of college, I had a single room in my sorority and those rooms came with a full wall of closets which was only funny because where everyone else had to share or make do with these teensy arrangements, I had more closet than anyone could possibly know what to do with.  So hand to God, I used one closet for clothes and another closet for accessories and it was just wild.  Marcus and I do not share a closet – he gets the entire guest bedroom instead (unless guests are there).  So I think in the end we come out equal.

I wore this to work.

Phone Photos 002

This whole “return to standard time” thing has been just tragic, or maybe it’s just the fact that we’re moving toward winter and the days just keep getting shorter, but I must say I really appreciate having the sun out when I head to work in the morning.  The whole having sunlight thing is nice, but the sunrises are also just gorgeous.

Phone Photos 003

When I got home, I arrived to discover that nearly a hundred geese had set-up camp next to our pond.  Here are just a few.  Marcus and I make no secret of the fact that we really do love watching them.  We had the best flock a few summers back – they had 19 babies!  It was really wild.

Phone Photos 009

The fact that they are STILL migrating means that they are either extremely dumb (possible) but because I am banking on the power of instinct, I’m really hopeful that this means we will have a milder winter.

Once I made it inside, I went for a run.  My weekly running schedule is Tu-Th and Sat/Sun.  I take breaks or power walk on Mondays and Fridays.

Phone Photos 004

I had a girl dinner date with Emily and Madelyn.

Phone Photos 008

It was truly the most joyous.  These girls are my air.  Mads made these incredible brownies with some sort of ridiculous cream cheese frosting.

Phone Photos 005

And then she left me leftovers and this is why we can be friends.  We may or may not have eaten half the pan, but we also destroyed the evidence, so who can know?

Did I mention that Taylor made an appearance?

Phone Photos 007

Because there was, of course, that as well.  It would not be a girls’ night without it.


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