Week in the Life: Tuesday

Are y’all bored yet?  Because I am floating my way through the day and I am like…This Is Paint Drying.  So for those members of the group who are still muscling through Week In The Life, good for you.  Today we have the breakfast that I eat every week day.  It is part of a baked sweet potato, three ounces of wilted spinach and two soft fried eggs with hot sauce. I highly recommend it.

Phone Photos 001

I bake the potatoes on Sunday, peel them and refrigerate them for the week.  I wilt big batches of spinach a few times a week as well.  That way, all I have to do in the morning is microwave the base and fry up the eggs.  If you are not a breakfast person, then I just described far more steps than you will ever do (unwrap a granola bar), but I am a breakfast person.  We knew this already.

And then there is this eyeshadow palette I use every day.  Cover Girl Shimmering Sands.  It stays on, doesn’t crease, looks natural.  Costs $5.

Phone Photos 002 Phone Photos 003

I know there is this massive gap in my day otherwise known as “work,” which we all know that I will not talk about on here.  Just know that I continue to go there each day and it is a thing.  I think we’ll keep up with the work outfit of the day posts because they are the most expansive/least internet-ed part of my wardrobe.  No more.

Phone Photos 005

Vanderpump Rules returned on Monday night and thank God The Chardonnay Kitchen let me know because otherwise I would have had no clue (most of my favorite BRAVO shows are just about to start a new season) and can I just say that without the gang from SUR I am like a rudderless ship?  And for those members of the group who watched last season, STASSI IS BACK even though we all thought she wouldn’t be and now she can continue to throw down truths that we all need to hear.  And what does this have to do with Tuesday?  I got to watch the first episode during today’s run and it was just 11/10.  Scheana’s birthday party ended with a fight (what else is new) and we are all set for a great and incredibly confusing season. Phone Photos 006

For my post-run snack, I grabbed some almonds (seriously, I know, I have become that person) and the kind I had Marcus buy from Trader Joe’s are Thai Lime & Chili because I heard good things about them from someone once.  Anyway, they are actually pretty good, but I don’t know I am ready to enter into snack monogamy with these.  If you can’t tell from the snap, there is about 1/4 cup of seasoning just floating around in the bag and it strikes me as bizarre at best. Phone Photos 008

And last but not least, in case you thought the return of Vanderpump Rules was the peak of my day (it sort of was), the true peak was the fact that it is ELECTION DAY.  As you know, that’s basically a holiday in our house and this (midterm) election day was no different.  Confession, we both early voted so there were no polling places for us today, but what better way to stretch out the merriment?  We threw on our patriotic ensembles, ate an intensely American meal for dinner and then tucked in on the couch to watch the returns come in.  It only happens once a year, after all.


3 responses to “Week in the Life: Tuesday

  1. I love this picture!

  2. That shimmering sands is pure $5 gold. I have the same one and another, slightly less shimmery, variation. As for other drugstore beauty gold? Moved from MAC bronzer to Almay last go around. Has anybody noticed the difference? Nope. And I laughed that extra $20 into the bank.

  3. You guys are awesome. I eat eggs with sweet potatoes and hot sauce all the time, I love the combo as well.

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