Week in the Life: Monday

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The fun fact I learned on the local morning news show is that November is actually (statistically speaking) the cloudiest month in Minnesota.  For all of your sakes, I hope wherever you are reading from, you are getting more sun than we are here.

Monday was about as ordinary as they come.  I finally polished off my candy bowl at work (it is now refilled with leftover Reese’s from Halloween).  I got to wear my polka dot sweater.  I am a really big fan of Nine West Flax Pumps.  I think of them as my Barbie shoes  But I am wondering here if they are Too Pointy?  Feel free to weigh in on that if you have a strong feeling either way.  But back to our regularly scheduled programming.  I worked out.  We made dinner.  In case you can’t tell, we’ll be eating roasted root vegetables for days.  Just remember that if you label it as “hash” it sounds old time-y-chic.  I was directed by The Universe to make my first gravy and y’all will see snaps of it on Friday per the usual.  But it was a magical moment.  All of these years of reading food blog and DVR-ing cooking shows on the Food Network has not been in vain!

Our synagogue does a young adults Torah study program called Torah on Tap, so Marcus and I headed out to that after dinner.  It was our first time going and we really enjoyed it.  This go-round, we’re discussing our religious texts (the Torah, Talmud, etc.) as they relate to drugs, alcohol, intoxication, inebriation, addiction, etc.  Since we did agree that we would want to go back again, apparently next week we can plan to discuss ecstasy the thing and ecstasy the drug.  As much as I didn’t think this would be a topic that was appealing to me, I look forward to seeing where the Rabbi takes it next.


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