Week in the Life: Sunday

I know that Sarah did a big Week in the Life Series last week.  Meredith does them from time to time as well.  And they are so interesting!  I love seeing what they are up to for the day-to-day.  So, I’m finally ready to hop on this bandwagon, and show a week in my life as well.  Just remember, this is a tiny glimpse.  Fingers crossed we make it through all seven days.  It just doesn’t seem like it should be that hard to pull off, but sometimes it just is.  You know?  On with the show!

Phone Photos 002

Sundays are my big life-admin days. Since today was the beginning of daylight savings time, I was up early.  I spent some time lounging around in the living room with coffee.

Phone Photos 001

We bought Toasted Coconut Pancake Mix at Trader Joe’s this week.  Marcus will never touch it, but I was pretty excited about the idea.  So I made myself a chocolate chip toasted coconut pancake.  And it stuck to the pan.

Phone Photos 003

So instead of a nice, big, plate-sized pancake, as you can see, I ate a pancake that looked like…Wales.  It was still good, but clearly it was not my best work.  😉

I took my time visiting the Hennepin County eLibrary.

Phone Photos 004

We’re lucky.  The library system in our county is superb.  We live a half-mile or so away from the actual library and our system has an extensive eBook offering as well.  So some books come from the actual library and some books come through the internet.  Mostly it depends on what is faster or if the book I want is even available as an eBook.

I went for a run and then I stretched afterward, as is my custom.

Phone Photos 005

I’ve been on a big apples and cheese-kick lately (I blame my father for this) so this was part of first lunch.

Phone Photos 006

During the week, lunch is always one meal.  On the weekends?  Lunch is more likely than not a collection of different things.

I did some mending.  Two weeks ago, I noticed a tear in the lining of one of my black pencil skirts.  So I had to address that.

Phone Photos 007

It was a successful endeavor.

Mom and Dad stopped by with a few things.  We did a brief catch up.

Phone Photos 011

Cleaning-wise, I did all of the regular stuff on Saturday.  I tackled scrubbing down the kitchen sink, windexing the kitchen and the bathroom, and dusting.  Marcus went after the bathtub and dealt with the sweeping.  It’s a team effort.

And that was all right and good except then I decided it was (finally) time to deal with the three years of dirt and sand and road salt that have built up in our garage.  That was a 20 minute festival of dust with a cardio slant.

Phone Photos 008

I would not recommend it.  There was so much dust that 1/3 of the way through the sweeping, I grabbed a bandana to wrap around my face so that I wouldn’t have to worry about what I was inhaling.

My sister-in-law, Michelle and my cousin-in-law Jacki came for Sunday dinner.

Phone Photos 014

Dear husband, I am so sorry that we only took one snap instead of the customary 10 and so your eyes are closed in this picture.

So we all drank white wine and relaxed and caught up on things.

Phone Photos 010

Phone Photos 012

It was just a lovely way to close a relaxing weekend.  Sundays are always bittersweet, I feel.  They’re are easily the most relaxing of all the weekend days, but you know that when you wake up you’re headed back to your weekly routine.  That being said, I’d take a Sunday as an adult any day over the Sundays in college that were filled with homework, naps in the TV room of the chapter house, and Taco Bell trips because there wasn’t anything left to eat in the fridge!  Please tell me I’m not alone in this one.


One response to “Week in the Life: Sunday

  1. It’s so fun to see pictures of your home. Love it,

    Shauna xo

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