A living room update.

A month or so ago, my parents bought a rug at an estate sale.  Mom felt that it would work with the motif of our open kitchen/living area (neutral with maroon accents) so she and Dad stopped by with it on Sunday afternoon.

Since we’re not exactly interior design-heavy around these parts, It thought I would do a before and after.

So.  The before.


Totally fine, but not exactly packed with visual interest.  Of course, a major part of this project was removing all of the furniture from the living room and sweeping like crazy.  Dust bunny fossilization was 100% NOT one of our aims of the project.

And of course, the after.


It’s much cozier, right?  I think the fact that we’ve made it five years in this home without a rug probably speaks to the fact that I do not have strong opinions about them.  With that in mind, New Rug is so soft and fluffy and 100% nicer than walking on wood floors.


One response to “A living room update.

  1. I long for a new rug — one for the teeny kitchen, one for under our dining table, one for next to my side of the bed — but I REFUSE while we’re still in NYC. The dust from First Avenue is simply Too Much and I do not want to take that with us whenever it is that we buy and move out.
    (This one is GORGEOUS – well done)

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