On Getting Life Insurance.

From the department of things that are really adult, I’m in the process of getting additional life insurance.

As a part of the process, I had to participate in a medical exam.  So this afternoon, Home Medical Professional Kyle paid a visit to our house.

We kicked off  our time together with Kyle producing a battered scale from his magic satchel of tricks (seriously he brought an old-school physician bag) and taking my weight.  I told him not to tell me what my weight is because, well, I don’t really need to know.  My relationship with the scale isn’t a healthy one and the past two years without it have been great.

Kyle: Are you sure you don’t want to know your weight?

Me: Positive.

Kyle: But it is a really good weight.

Me: I just don’t think it will be useful information.

Kyle: I think you will be surprised!  You weigh less than you think!

Me: I think I know how much I weigh.

Kyle: I can tell you what you weigh.

Finally, I consented because I realized that whether or not I wanted to know, Kyle was going to tell me my weight.  To his credit, Kyle was not wrong.  I weighed three pounds less than I thought I did.  With clothes on!  Considering I have spent my last three weeks feasting my way through the Jewish holidays, this was quite the surprise.

We also ran through a questionnaire which was completely boring.  But from there we shifted into the (thrilling) blood pressure portion of the visit.  After two readings, Kyle praised me for a period of time that I would describe as being uncomfortable in length.

Kyle: You have the best pressure.

Me: Oh?

Kyle: Yes.  It is the best.  I have seen so many.

Me: Well, that’s great to hear.

Kyle: Such good pressure!

This naturally evolved into Kyle taking my pulse.

Kyle: Your pulse is so good!

Me: Great.

Kyle: And very steady too!

For our grand finale, Kyle lectured me on the health benefits of racquet ball, a sport which he plays regularly. I can say with 100% certainty that this will not be a sport that I play ever.

While I highly doubt that I will ever be able to muster the amount of enthusiasm that Kyle was able to display for my state of health, who knew that I had so much to be proud of on a Wednesday?


5 responses to “On Getting Life Insurance.

  1. I was sure you were going to write that he asked you out at the end of the exam.

  2. Kyle sounds like a right twat.

  3. Comment of the Day to @The Chardonnay Kitchen. Because I was thinking the exact same thing. Only less poetically.

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