Tomorrow is race day.  So we’re going to talk about running a lot for the next few days and then probably I’ll have nothing to say about it all winter.

I went to the expo to pick-up my packet yesterday, as last night/today are Yom Kippur.  I’m sure you can see how that puts just a bit of a kink in the plans because instead of driving all over the city, we are spending hours in contemplative prayer.  It’s a hard balance to strike.  Anyway, I got to the River Centre at noon and headed straight in to grab my 10 mile bib.


I cannot for the life of me decide if these are lucky numbers or not.  I also grabbed my marathon bib, complete with scary warning about how I cannot show results in both races.  I KNOW, y’all.  I KNOW.  I’M ONLY RUNNING ONE.

This year’s packet pick-up swag (and the reason I even bothered to grab my marathon bib) were pairs of Twin Cities Marathon Fitsoks!  I have taken to calling the socks that came with my marathon bib the $100 pair of socks.


Just trying to kick my conspicuous consumption up a notch here.  They’re actually really nice socks (and way better than the crap gloves they gave out last year).  Good job Twin Cities in Motion!

At this point, I really have no opinion about tomorrow.  Based on the way the course has been re-routed this year (all of the spring rain caused a mudslide situation along the river road that still hasn’t been fully resolved) it sounds like we may be running through a few bottlenecks and/or up more hills.  There’s really nothing I can do about those things besides show up at the race and deal with it, so that’s my plan of action.

I have yet to start one of my long runs before 9:00 AM, so waking up at 4:00 AM tomorrow for a 7:00 AM start is going to be a real surprise for the body.  Right now, according to Apple Weather it’s supposed to be about 34 degrees at the start.  I’ll probably be wearing a cozier ensemble for the race than I had originally anticipated (a lined top? ear warmers?).  I have no shortage of clothing to address this issue so I guess we’ll all be surprised by what I show up in.

Praying for strong legs and a safe finish.


2 responses to “24610

  1. I am digging the socks. Any chance you could pick me up a pair?

  2. As a Les Mis fan, I can’t help but notice your bib number is so close to Valjean’s inmate number – just swap the 1 and 0 around 🙂 That probably doesn’t help with whether they’re lucky or not, but thought the coincidence was neat – and now the song is in my head. Good luck on your run tomorrow!

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