Race Week

It’s race week.  How thrilling.

Training last week was brutal.  My legs and feet felt like hell and it never got easier.  Long running on Saturday morning and proceeding to walk around for the next seven hours probably didn’t help either.  But who can say, really?

The one truly lovely part of the week (and my training) was my Thursday morning run.  I had Thursday and Friday off for Rosh Hashanah and I absolutely love having the opportunity to do a sunrise run (or two) during the High Holidays.

Running in the Morning.

This year was no disappointment.

I have my race outfit picked out.  I bought a gray running tank at Target two weeks ago.  It was on sale for $11 and is the perfect replacement for the gray tank that I had to lay to rest earlier this year.  Depending on the weather (it looks to be chilly in the morning) I may wear it with my long sleeved running top that gets cropped or I may not.  Translation: this race outfit will look like every other race outfit I have ever worn.

If you want to track me, you can sign up to do that here.  What’s a little bit tricky (and a bad deal for those members of the group who are tracking more than one runner) is that I’m listed twice because I never scratched my marathon bib.  You can’t tell which name corresponds with the marathon bib and which name corresponds with the 10 Mile bib.  I will only be running one race but I kept the marathon bib because I figured that for the amount of money I paid for it, the least I could receive in return is the free pair of gloves/ear warmers/arm warmers/whatever they hand out at packet pick-up.  From there it will go home and straight into the trash along with my starting chip.

My two race day goals continue to stay the same: 1. Finish the race in one, healthy, piece and 2. Finish in 1:30:09 or less.


One response to “Race Week

  1. Best wishes for a fun event.

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