Landscaping, finally.

You have probably forgotten that back in May, I submitted a request to our homeowner’s association to have our landscaping repaired.  When I made the request, I (foolishly) assumed that by mid-summer, things would be back in tip-top shape.

Well, I guessed wrong.  100%.   But nearly four full months later, our yard looks…appropriate.  At last.  The edging has been repaired.  The rocks have been filled in.

Rock Bed

I think we can all agree that my project for Next Year should be learning how to prune/trim my bushes properly.  I want them to look healthy, but I also would prefer that they do not become hosts for sapling trees taking refuge.

Our massive dead tree has been replaced with a much smaller live tree.


How green and verdant its branches are.  Marcus takes issue with its curved trunk, but that’s not really a problem we can fix.

We’ve also done some fall decorating.  Our Sunday brunch guests brought us a pumpkin so I put it on the step!


So festive.  I know other bloggers are doing printables and fall wreaths and decorative gourds, but we all know I just do not have the time.  I thought about doing a mum, briefly, but I couldn’t even water the basil plant that Marcus bought at Trader Joe’s this summer so that is out.  I would however, consider another pumpkin.

Before that time comes, I think this will be the best way for us to gauge the sort of reception that the neighborhood youths are going to give this.



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