Friday Food Round-Up!

Y’all, it is finally the weekend and I am truly So Glad.  There’s the promise of just enough free time to make it sound like a relaxing concept even though I volunteered to host brunch on Sunday.

Miscellaneous – Garden Pie


Marcus was out of town until Wednesday and I knew that if I didn’t do something, I would be lunch-less.  Garden Pie to the rescue.  Marcus tolerates this dish but I really enjoy it.  Plus it’s a fast, generally mess-free meal to eat at your desk.

Wednesday – Sherry’s Chicken Salad


Sunset’s: Restaurant Of Our Youth closed this summer while Jillian was busy getting married.  Sherry’s Chicken Salad was a staple menu and meal item along with their Chicken Wild Rice Soup.

To honor our loss and to deal with a craving, we decided that our girls’ night would be best spent learning how to make it on our own.  It was Just The Best.  And easy enough that I will definitely be making it at home again.  The recipe I linked to is really more of a loose guideline.  I think if you added two more chicken breasts and a bit of extra lettuce, those amounts would serve four.


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