Another Gorgeous Day for a Run

You guys, I feel like my blogging about running is so boring lately.  Yes, I’m training for the Twin Cities 10 Mile, and yes, I really love the sport but I feel like all I’m doing is stating the obvious: that I’m running.  The End.


In case you don’t follow me on Instagram, I went for a run on Summit Avenue yesterday.  We’ve been having a spate of Best Behavior Weather this week (aka the one weather pattern we would all agree to choose if Minnesota was going to have consistent year-round weather) and I was going to be in St. Paul for a girls night anyway, so it made sense.  Generally speaking, I have a superstition against running on Summit Avenue during non-race times because I sort of like that it’s special.  But OHMIGOD This Was The Most Perfect Of The Runs.


Right?  Nothing could be prettier.

The 10 Mile is three weekends away and I really don’t have anything to say other than I’m following the plan I wrote.  There is no experimenting or hoping or waiting.  Okay, I sort of lied about that bit right there.  I still have a few Honey Stinger chew packets left (that conveniently expire post-race) but I’ve been playing around with the idea of fueling with Oreos.  I can eat them during a run without feeling sick and since I really only need to Eat Once, it’s pretty low stakes.

I ran 90 minutes last week so I’ve pretty much topped off where distance/time is concerned for my long runs.  I’ll go for 100 minutes this week just to make sure that I’ve gone all the way.  Otherwise, I’ll do a little bit more building where speed training is concerned because I have the time and it helps me with my pacing for the race.

My only “real” project for the next few weeks is to spend more time running outside, that way race day is not a total shock to my poor tendons.  What a thrilling goal to work towards, I know.


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