Walleye Catchin’

Girl CousinsA few months back, we discussed the idea of a girl cousin fishing trip with Marcus’ grandfather.  I don’t know who brought up the idea or how it really came about, but since the men go every year, we finally got to go!  I know that I was really excited to go because 1) I really felt like it was time to catch my first walleye, and 2) I have incredibly fond memories of fishing with my grandfather and all of my cousins.

So the six of us piled into the car in our sweet matching outfits and headed toward Lake Mille Lacs.  Don’t worry, I packed my camo thermos, camo koozie and a stash of LaCroix.  I was not about to be caught unprepared!

Mille Lacs is really only about two hours north of the city, which makes it perfect for a day trip.  We built-in some time for lunch (Happy’s, obviously) and then we stopped by the giant walleye and enjoyed the shoreline.Big Walleye

Mille Lacs

I will be honest, even though it was a clear day (I think we would have died if it was raining), the wind+50 degree weather combination was just a touch bit chilly.

My first catch was this perch.

Fish 1

It (actually) became seagull food.  Circle of life, people.

When we pulled the boat up to the second hole, no sooner had I thrown my line into the water than I had gotten The Bite.

Fish 2

I was so so so pleased!  First Walleye ever!  State Fish Of Minnesota!  Mine!  It was only 17.5″ long, so we threw it back.  The guides seemed sort of sympathetic but again, since we’re all about the catch and release I was happy to do it.

And at the third hole, after a lot of casting about, I caught this little fish stick.

Fish 3Fish 4

Another Walleye!  So special!  I don’t think I will ever stop laughing about it.

Just as we were reaching the point of total hypothermia, the boat pulled back up to the dock and our adventure was no more.

The actual boating portion of the trip was four hours, which left us with just enough time to grab dinner (the base of our collective food pyramid was hot tea and soup) and to drive home.  By the time I pulled into the garage at 10:00 PM, I was ready to pour myself into bed.


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