Hello, kittens.  In case you were wondering, this is what my Saturday mornings look like.  I’ve been absolutely terrible at waking up early for any of my long runs this training cycle (sleep has become extremely valuable to me over the past year) so instead I roll out of bed, get some coffee and breakfast going and wait myself out for ~1.5-2 hours before I start running.  I don’t drink coffee from my camo tumbler during the week, but for whatever reason it seems like the fun thing to do on the weekends.

It was 39 degrees this morning in Minnesota, so that should really tell you all that you need to know about how our descent into fall is going.  I’m still sorting and packing and purging and arranging and it is quite soothing.  The pile of things to be sent to the Goodwill just continues to grow.

We celebrated Dad’s birthday yesterday with a trip to Fulton’s taproom and Anchor Fish.   Sweet Child of Vine is one of his favorite beers and Mom had never been to Anchor so it was an excellent adventure for all.  After dinner and some celebratory cheesecake at home we called it a night.


This thing is a monstrous pain to make, but the end result is so delicious you will not be disappointed.  We are not big cheesecake eaters, but even I am tempted to attempt actioning this with some berries/oreos/something mixed in.  It has been approximately two years since I last baked a cheesecake so I don’t anticipate that this next project will be happening anytime soon.

One of my summer projects that faded into fall was finding some volunteer work that I could do with the hours I’m not spending studying for the SPHR.  I contacted a few organizations that we are connected to with varying degrees of success.  One processed my interest indicator, waited three months and then asked me to complete a NEW interest indicator.  That got scratched from the list immediately.  Another took a month to respond to my initial application and the act of scheduling the introductory phone call was such an ordeal that finally I realized that while I really liked the group, it wasn’t really where my heart was at.

What has clicked is the opportunity to volunteer with Interfaith Outreach and Community Partners.  I used to do food shelf donation intake there in 2012 and we like to participate in their back-to-school/Christmas programs.  They had some needs that really seem to be a fit with what I am available to do and what I am good at doing, so I am looking forward to sitting down with them next week to discuss this more.

It seems that by degrees, life is finally settling into a pattern that I would describe as “normal.”  I couldn’t ask for anything better.



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