Fall Footwear

It’s fall now.  I know there are some fall-deniers, but considering we might have a morning windchill of 34 degrees during the tail end of the week, I’m feeling pretty comfortable about just accepting it.

My first pair of riding boots are finally (and tragically) biting the dust.  I noticed it last March-April when I took a look at the seams and discovered that there were chunks of pleather that were very literally flaking off.  They are to this day, one of the biggest milestones on my weight loss and healthy living journey.  I don’t know that I’ve ever owned anything else that I have been prouder to wear, really.  Those were the thing I bought where I thought to myself, I finally fit in with everyone else.

Understandably, last spring it was impossible to find a replacement pair because spring is not the season for riding boots.  So I made a mental note to check back in early fall to make sure that I had, you know, a selection.

I ended up ordering two pairs from Payless today because they were doing that BOG50% and there was an additional 10% off + free shipping.

Like, that’s a deal, right?

There’s also the small detail that they make a lot of riding boots with a wide calf option, which is again, the only way I can wear them.  And did I mention that their pleather-ish material stands up really well to road salt and Minnesota winters?  Because yes to that as well.

So these two pairs are in the mail and on their way to our house.

Boots 1 Boots 2

Fingers crossed they fit properly and I do not have to exchange them because we all know that returns defeat the point of internet shopping.  I’ll be sure to report back once they make it through the door!



One response to “Fall Footwear

  1. I have been on a months-long hunt for booties. I bought a $25~ pair of Old Navy booties last year and wore them to death…. and spent a hefty sum at my podiatrist because they screwed with my feet so much. So now I’m looking for booties that are OK For Walking…. and of course cannot find anything I like. Sigh.

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