Weekend projects.

I just feel like writing tonight.  That is all.

This weekend, we went to a surprise birthday party for a sorority sister.  We attended a wedding for another sorority sister – I think it was  our 10th this year.  Some of my favorite friends on earth were home and we got to spend time together and that was heart filling.  Marcus’ family does an annual fish fry, so of course we went to that dinner as well.

I didn’t end up actioning any plans for Sunday during the day, and I am so glad that I made that choice because it was just the loveliest day.  The weather was gorgeous and it gave me some time to open the windows and Take Care Of Things like batch cooking and whatnot.  Considering that we didn’t eat a proper meal together at home this weekend, I spent a remarkable amount of time in the kitchen.

At work, we take turns bringing birthday treats for one another.  The person I am bringing treats for likes chocolate covered pretzels so I tried my hand at making them and fancy-ing them up a bit.


There were basic chocolate-covered pretzels (everyone loves a classic) and then I also rolled them in sprinkles, M&Ms and Oreos.  In case you’re wondering what the rest of the recipe is, I used two bags of semi-sweet chocolate chips, a bulk container of pretzel rods and the toppings.  Once I had dipped and rolled the pretzels, I placed them on tin foil-lined cookie sheets and stuck them in the freezer to set.  Voila.

I also did some low-grade declutter.  I always have a “giveaway bag” in my closet but this weekend it was time to escalate the situation.


Amongst the unnecessary things I discovered, a suit two sizes too big that I bought probably five years ago when I was just starting my post-college job search.  It was brown.  I know, I don’t know what I was thinking either.  Yes, I am concerned that I had absolutely no clue I owned this ensemble.  I also said sayonara to the eight polo shirts I bought in college.  Does anyone else remember wearing them two at a time and how uncomfortable it was to try and stuff yourself into two fitted polo shirts at once?  Because I do.  I was very proud of my collection, but again, they haven’t been worn in at least five years.

Mostly, I just find myself wondering how I managed to overlook all of these things for so long.  I’m sure that my next round of decluttering will bring similar surprises.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Did I mention that my closet really feels like it can “breathe” now?  Because there’s also that little side benefit.  I relocated what feels like a closet worth of hangers to the laundry room and suddenly, it’s like I have an entirely new space.


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