Friday Food Round-Up!

Clearly there is an American Southwest theme this week.

Friday – Baked (Hatch Chile) Macaroni and Cheese

The Cabin 013

I know I don’t usually cook on Friday nights or have anything to share.  Since we were Up North and had just finished roasting up the five pounds of Hatch Chiles that Billy had brought home, we needed to do something with them.  The most obvious votes were cornbread OR macaroni and cheese.  The mac won.

Truly, I think that this is the first time I have ever made macaroni and cheese from scratch.  I decided to use cavatappi because when you cook pasta as infrequently as we do, you want something fun.

Tuesday – Black Beans and Rice


I came home from the cabin and immediately set off for a girlfriend dinner.  I felt terrible that I hadn’t cooked Real Food for Marcus in nearly a week.  Rice and beans was the only easy, on-the-spot dinner I could concoct that wasn’t Canned Chili And Baked Potatoes.  I guess the good news is that Marcus would eat this once a week if he could.  Easy favorites are a godsend.

The snap is from my lunch, but I am reliably informed that the meal was accompanied by a cheese burrito in its first life.

Wednesday – West Texas Stacked Enchiladas from The Homesick Texan with Guacamole


This was my first day back at work after vacation.  I knew that the day would be long and that Marcus wouldn’t be arriving home until dinner was served.  The reason this dinner is so fast (besides the fact that I batch cook and freeze the sauce) is because it is vegetarian so I don’t have to fuss with meat preparation, and the enchiladas are stacked.  Stacking tortillas is just a lot easier than rolling them.

This was my last batch of frozen enchilada sauce so I think we all know what one of my weekend projects is going to be.


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