The Last Weekend North

The Cabin 141

Tuesday Morning 1

Labor Day weekend at the cabin was all of the happiness and relaxation that the 4th of July week was not.  Billy announced about a month ago that he would be flying home for the long weekend and by the way, he wouldn’t be heading back to Texas until Tuesday.

So we packed off to the cabin for a very long (Friday – Tuesday!) weekend.  What better way to observe our last weekend for the 2014 season Up North?

I bought this really superior coffee thermos at the Holiday station in Garrison.

The Cabin 003

$5.99.  What a steal.  If you’re in the market, they also come in versions that have hot pink or blaze orange accents.  So hip.  Your first fill is free.  Refills are $0.99.  This may or may not actually be a deal, but considering I spend more money on coffee at the Holiday station in Cross Lake, MN than I ever do at home it most certainly is for me.  Related/unrelated: I really need to buy a bag of Hazelnut (or Vanilla!) flavored coffee to keep at home.

I ran on my favorite summer running trail.

We visited Pequot Lakes.

The Cabin 050

We fished like crazy.  In the past, we’ve photo-ed every fish that made it into the boat.  This time, I would have ended up with something like 40 photos if that had been the case.  And sometimes, we were reeling two fish into the boat at a time.  So instead, just a few.

The Cabin 058 The Cabin 063 The Cabin 068 The Cabin 070 The Cabin 071  The Cabin 102 The Cabin 108 The Cabin 115 The Cabin 116  The Cabin 124 The Cabin 126 The Cabin 130 The Cabin 132

Tuesday Morning 3

By Monday, Billy was asking me if I was 100% sure we had not caught some of these fish already.  Catch and release, people.  It is The Only Way.

We went to Zorbaz to cross the last thing off of my summer bucket list: a Minnesota Margarita.

The Cabin 117

Spoiler alert: I had two.  The 1/2 priced margaritas on Monday may or may not have helped.  And bobbers should go in everything.

Since it’s Hatch Chile season in Texas, Billy brought up five pounds of chiles.

We roasted them all on the grill.

The Cabin 005

That’s how you’re supposed to do that, right?  The Texas flag shorts were were a birthday gift from Billy and they are my favorite possession now.  I wore them the entire weekend.

Until next year, Big Pine.

The Cabin 145

The Cabin 025

The Cabin 087

The Cabin 031


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