Running Outside.

My Running View

We’re driving home from the cabin today, which is a tragedy all its own.

Since we have been in Crosslake instead of Plymouth, I’ve been logging all of my runs outside.  I got to run in the rain, which we all know that you could not pay me to do at home.  I also logged my longest run to date since the 2013 Twin Cities 10 Mile – 7 miles!  It felt good and gave me a reasonable amount of hope for the race on October 5.

Last week, I realized that my running shoes were 100% on their last leg.  My feet felt like crap and my legs were getting weird cramps.  Kittens, there are many different ways to figure out if your shoes are shot.  But, if mileage tracking does not help, leg/joint pain definitely should tell you that it is time for a new pair.


I didn’t realize how bad the soles were until I took this snap.  Yikes.

I ordered a new pair and Marcus fetched them Up North for me because they happened to arrive the day he was driving.  One of life’s small joys is the Brooks Running free two-day shipping on orders over $75-deal.  Yes, please.  Always.  Everything on my Sunday run felt instantly better.  Running in new shoes is always like running on clouds.

I know I don’t usually lump food talk in with my running discussion, but it’s the start of a new month, and the race is only a month away so I feel that it’s appropriate.  August has always been a funny month for me.  Even though it is the month with The Most Produce, it’s also the month where for one reason or another, I end up putting on a few pounds.  This year, I would have to say that the sweet corn harvest (my favorite) plus an all-carb weekend at the cabin were the culprits.  On the whole (and in the grand scheme of things) this is a meaningless difference because in  few weeks it will be gone.

But, for the next few weeks, I will be spending 100% more time paying attention to what I’m eating and what junk food I do not need to be snacking on.  All of this will make me feel better at the start line.


One response to “Running Outside.

  1. On to healthier eating, once again! I hear ya, Sister. For some reason, August always inexplicably turns into the month of heeding All the Junk Food Cravings. It’s an anomaly to be rectified in September.

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