A Birthday

It is my 27th Birthday today.  Since I neglected to write a The Blog Is 6 post, we’ll be doing a belated observance of that as well.  Why not celebrate all of the things?

I am not sure if this place is the magpie’s treasure trove of shiny things, if it is the reflecting pool in which the reflection is amplified by the water and the proximity to it, if it’s a shop window with noses pressed to the glass for a better look, or if it is simply an extension of our living room.  Sometimes it feels like all of them.

Six years later, I am still writing, and you are still reading.  I know that even if you did not, I would still be writing because like the people who have to make music or dance or sing, these words are inside of me always waiting to escape.  But as I share my stories, it is continually humbling to hear that I am not alone when things are Hard.  That I am not the only one.  And I hope that I am able to stretch that branch out to you as well.  For the days when things are spectacular, I am glad that you are here too.  Joy shared is joy doubled.

I know that it is not uncommon for bloggers to share their birthday/Hanukkah/Christmas gift haul with their readers.  So let me take a moment to share with you the magnificence of this year’s offering.  Some of you may remember that about two weeks ago, we headed over to Benihana to use my birthday BOGO coupon.

Our photo was taken to commemorate this special and momentous occasion.

Benihana 1 And then Marcus ordered me my own special Benihana coffee mug.

Benihana 2

Really, could it get any better?  Because I know that it could not.

I believe that technically speaking, I am either in my mid-twenties (a broad term) or my late twenties (an ominous term).  All I know is that this is the first birthday ever where I have looked in the mirror and thought to myself, Girl, this is clearly not your 21st birthday all over again.  How tragic, I know.

Apparently last year I declared that watching the Kentucky Derby Live was on my bucket list (check!) and that I wanted to catch a walleye (I’m going to attempt it on September 14!).  I am apparently nothing if not consistent in my whims and wishes.

For all of the really great things that happened in the past 365 days, Year 26 was a profoundly difficult year.  Spot died.  Friends got incredibly sick.  Things were challenging.  I am sure I could dedicate more time to ruminating over all of this, but at the end of the day, it happened and I am changed.  It is time to move on.

This year, I just want to have fun.  Period.

Very truly, this is probably the last full year of my life that I will be Not Pregnant or Mother To A Family Of Children.  Marcus is four years older than I am, and even though he happily would have accepted the mantle of fatherhood years ago, I am lucky he understood that I needed those extra years and that extra time.  The five years since college have been filled with so much adventuring and sorting out and creating.  I don’t want to say that this year is about tying up loose ends (because it isn’t) but it is about having fun and doing things for no other reason than the fact that we can.

Even though 26 left a mark, it is also a year that made me comfortable.  I have become more and less patient with myself and others.  I have become 100% unapologetic about loving the things that I do.  I have become 100% intolerant of bad behavior.  I learned how to drink whiskey for real and I took up a regular flossing habit.  I finally feel like I “get” adulthood, which is a godsend.  Because the first few years after college were like some sort of life-sized game of playing pretend.

So with all of that, let’s begin the 365 day countdown to what will (finally) be my Golden Birthday.


3 responses to “A Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday! You are such a young pup. 🙂

    Like: “This year, I just want to have fun. Period.”
    Love: “It is about having fun and doing things for no other reason than the fact that we can.”

    Keep crossing off all of those bucket list items. And you did it right – travel as much as you can before you have The Babies.

    Have a great one (not just day… year, that is!)


  2. Happy birthday my dear. I never miss a post. My days just wouldn’t be the same without you. May there be an abundance of chocolate
    Cake in your future. Xoxo

  3. Taking up flossing as a regular habit is a sure sign you are more mature than 90% of the population. Good on ya! I’m still working on mine (shhh).
    Also, 27 was the first time I looked in the mirror and felt that exact same thing. I can tell you this, it took me a whole year to get over the “Mirror Shock of 27”, but 28 feels wonderful. I have no doubt this year will be great and having a whole litter of pups will make your late twenties even better. Happy happy birthday, Kat!

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