New Watch (and other things)

Last Monday, I finally caved and bought a new running watch from Target.  I briefly considered ordering some sort of Garmin, but I realized that for what I do, I really really don’t need one.  Sure, I could learn about my heart rate and pinpoint exact distances, but at the end of the day a $100+ watch will not make me a better runner or a happier runner.

Sorting through the watches at Target was quite honestly, terrible.  Old Running Watch (RIP) was a simple timepiece, never beeping, never asking me to do things like count my heartbeats to do heart rate math in my head.  These new watches?  All so noisy.  Beeping here, beeping there, requiring intermediary screens to inform the user that we are entering “chrono” before displaying the watch face.  Why.  Why.  Why.

After about twenty minutes of pressing buttons and investigating colors (as well as the man-options!)and comparing prices, I settled on a hot pink TIMEX IRONMAN for $32.99.  It (unfortunately) beeps, but it seems to sit on my wrist the best and from a functional standpoint, it is the least confusing.


I dragged it out for its first run on Saturday morning (because wearing a watch on the treadmill is The Most Pointless Act) and I would say overall, it was a success.  It doesn’t rub or sit uncomfortably.  I did get confused about hitting the stop button vs. the split button (it can do 10 laps worth of splits) but if that’s the biggest issue I have, I suppose I can be troubled to learn how to hit the right button properly.

Since I have, functionally speaking, been running indoors for the past few weeks there is really nothing too exciting to report.  I’ve been incorporating speedwork per my incredibly non-scientific plan and I’ve started adding an incline to my running so I can approximate outdoor running as closely as possible.  It’s not a bad situation.


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