Kitchen Updates

I know, I know. I’m really taking this whole Conquering Our Home-thing to heart.  Some of the projects on our home improvement list will take months or years to complete.  But there are just as many little things to tackle.

Last night, on our way home from dinner, we stopped by Target to pick up a few things.  Including this.

Paper Towels

Yes, seriously, we bought a holder (stand?  caddy?) for our paper towels and no, we really did not own one until August 18, 2014.  We have been living like wild things for the past five years.  Since I didn’t technically live here the year that Marcus bought the house, he has to own that.  But the last four years?  I should have had my eye on the prize and I just didn’t.  Who knew a tiny block of wood to rest your paper towels upon could make such a difference?

That the wooden version of the paper towel holder was the lesser of two design evils is another story.  Apparently we and the good people of America have the choice of either The Current System or some sort of horrible latex-dipped steel monstrosity.

None of this is here or there, really, because peace has been restored (at last) to kitchen.  Or at least until we finally (someday) get around to tackling the horrible white laminate cabinets.


One response to “Kitchen Updates

  1. Bacon Slayer, The

    Paper towel holders…a kitchen game changer where form meets function… 😉

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