Friday Food Round-Up!

Marcus was traveling for the first part of the week.  We had social plans for the second half of the week.  Sometimes one dinner cooked at home is a victory.  When I was planning quantities, I essentially cooked double.  I wanted to make sure I had enough leftovers to create a mini-salad bar for my work lunches.

Sunday – Grilled/Baked Chicken with Corn on the Cob, Garlic Green Beans from Great, Easy Meals, Dijon Potatoes, and Knock-Off “Chicken Bucket” Coleslaw


Cub had chicken breasts on sale for $1.99/lb this week.  Since I hadn’t planned out (or thawed) our protein in advance, I just had Marcus source this instead.  These breasts were huge (5 portions = 4.5 lbs…what?) so we cooked two and froze the rest.  Again, since there was really no planning involved, I soaked these for 30 minutes in Moore’s Marinade, which Mom brought home from one of her many journeys.  They were on the grill until a downpour struck.  Since the oven was already roasting and on, I just threw them in there to finish.

The rest of the meal was pretty simple and used Gregor Farm produce (corn, potatoes and green beans).  God, summer eating is good.


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