This Week In Running

Cabin Time 017

After last Tuesday’s run, I realized that it was actually Official Training time.  So I did a tempo run on Wednesday and a pace run on Saturday at the Cabin.  None of that was particularly eventful.  This week, more of the same with a slight variation in my speed work.

In more tragic news, Second Running Watch (a paltry facsimile of Running Watch the First) died on the drive up to the cabin and this was not discovered until Saturday morning’s run.  I am now trapped in the eternal debate that is Running Watch?  Or Another $15 Digital Watch From Target?  I really don’t need a Garmin or anything of the sort, but after the departure of Running Watch the First, I have found myself (and my timing) unmoored.  If you have a favorite running watch, please share in the comments because any and all suggestions are welcome at this point.

Finally, because I find this more entertaining than anything else.  I am a friendly runner, so I like to smile and wave at other runners when I am out and about.  Quite possibly because I like it when people smile and wave back.  When I do so, I imagine that I’m flashing a million-watt Miss America-style grin.  Why?  Because I Am Excited To See These People On The Trail!

What it actually looks like.

Cabin Time 018

Not surprisingly, it actually looks like teeth-bearing.  A+ for effort.


One response to “This Week In Running

  1. Go! Kat Go!

    Awesome shades.

    I usually use an iphone app for shorter runs and a Garmin for longer runs.

    Pulling for your ongoing, lifelong success.

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