Cabin Weekend

We went Up North this weekend and it was magical. I haven’t been since the 4th of July week (which was mostly depressive).  We thought we would have more opportunities to get in the car and go up there over the last month, but for this reason and that reason we could not.

It was just Mom, Dad and I this weekend.  When I asked them if they had any plans/expectations, they said they had none and that was really perfect because I wanted to just sit and watch the water.

The one moment I was given over to a fit of productivity is when I cleaned out Billy’s tackle box.  I had remembered it being a bit of a mess when we were last fishing and I just felt like there was probably a way that I could bring order to it.

Cabin Time 022

Considering I ended up filling that entire bag full of trash that had been packed in there (lure packaging, empty PowerBait bags, paper bags, broken lures and the like), it did not take much to restore the peace.

Cabin Time 021

See?  My hit bestseller is going to be called Tackle Box Shui: Hook, Line and Sinker.

I also spent hours on end watching our hummingbirds wage aerial war.  We have a few feeders off of the deck and this is competitive turf.

Cabin Time 020

After about an hour of watching, I decided that we needed to do some hummingbird education.  For instance: Hummingbirds breathe something on the order of 250 times per minute and their hearts beat 1000+ times.  A hummingbird flying in rain will gain 35% of their body weight from the water.  Hummingbirds must consume their entire weight in food each day in order to survive because of their high metabolisms.

See?  Science.  Thank you, Wikipedia.

Cabin Time 031Cabin Time 032Cabin Time 036Cabin Time 040

If you want more hummingbird snaps from adventures-past, click here.

We had some really lovely sunsets because of the wildfires in Canada.

Cabin Time 016Cabin Time 056

And then it was time to go home.  Driving down to the cities today was less tragic than usual because it was raining.  Understandably, the days where the water is still and the sun is out are just heart-wrenching because those days are for basking in the great out-of-doors and not the inside of a car.


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