Some Shows.

I know I always blog about books, but y’all know I love watching TV too (especially if it is The Real Housewives).

Now that The World Cup and The Tour de France are both completely Over, I need some new shows to fill my hours on the treadmill and when Marcus is away.  Right now I am aided by the fact that It Is Summer and I would rather be outside on our deck, sipping a drink and reading.  But fall will come soon enough and then what will we do?

What I have been watching lately?  Is this.


Manhattan is a new show on WGN and already, I am just 11/10 obsessed.  It’s focused on The Manhattan Project laboratories in Los Alamos and the workers and families who lived there.  As I excitedly told Marcus, The entire series is centered around people who do math!  Even though Pan-Am and The Playboy Club both sucked (I also cannot believe that I’m confessing to you all that we watched those), I’m hopeful that this is a period drama that will take off.  Failing that, I will have to turn to Mad Men, which I have never watched.


I just finished Rome, which is a 2005 HBO series.  It is 100% The Game Of Thrones before that became a TV show and it is historical fiction following the rise and fall of Julius Caesar and Emperor Augustus.  The series is completely amoral, which is pretty much old news at this point, but it was written at a time where violence wasn’t completely gratuitous.  That makes it a bit easier to watch in my opinion.  The greatest injustice is that the show is only two seasons long, but I am 100% positive you’ll love it sick.


Ladies of London was actually terrible in the worst-best way.  It was no Rodeo Girls or Bama Belles, but it did have the same grating dynamic and level of dysfunction.  The level of clothing envy, however, was much much higher.  That would really be the only (legitimate) reason to watch the series.  I know there are a few episodes on hulu.  Where the rest of them remain, it is impossible to know.

What are you watching right now?


One response to “Some Shows.

  1. I used to be one of those people who didn’t really have time to watch TV. Now that I’m no longer doing wine tastings, I’m kind of embarrassed by how much it fills my time.

    Loved Rome. Hated Mad Men. I tried. I really did. And I actually liked Pan Am! (And I just can’t do TRHW. It makes my head hurt.)

    I’m a LOSTie, so I loved Jericho… and the new HBO series The Leftovers has me reeled in.

    But the best ending to a series has got to be Breaking Bad.

    And if you haven’t started watching House of Cards, Ms. Kat, you are totally missing out. I think you’d dig that one for sure.

    My treadmill pick is Psych. However, there are so many good one-liners (especially from 80s and 90s movies) that I fear I’m missing when I’m not completely focused on the show.

    And in the fall, Newsroom and Sons of Anarchy will be back. And then they’ll be over.

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