Some running updates.

I know I haven’t really talked about running in a few weeks so, anyway, an update.

I (confusingly) got into the Twin Cities 10 Mile.  My name did not get drawn in the initial lottery.  But then I realized that this was my third consecutive lottery loss, which I thought meant a guaranteed entry for 2015.  Nope.  Actually, it meant that I was supposed to have a guaranteed entry for 2014.  The team at Twin Cities In Motion was so kind to point this out to me, since I did not get a code for guaranteed entry initially (hence my confusion).  I now have my bib and am ready for October 5!

From the department of news everyone already knows,  it is still summer in Minnesota which means that it is hot.  I know that tons of my running brothers and sisters hit the pavement every afternoon, no matter what the thermometer reads.  I, on the other hand have been spending quality time with Skip in the basement.  Last Saturday I attempted to log some morning miles outside for the first time in probably two weeks.  Between the heat+humidity+lack of wind not only did I have to stop to walk, but I almost lost my lunch breakfast.  We will not be repeating that again because it is a pointless act.

Otherwise, I’m doing a potpourri of power walking, yoga, and core work when I’m not running, so there’s really nothing to report there.  For those of you who are rolling your eyes at the power walking, you should really give it a try because it never fails to make me sweat.


One response to “Some running updates.

  1. Hellooooooo!! 36 posts I’ve missed? You are a blogging machine! Have i said this before? I love the FFRU. It looks like you got new dishes and the pictures are great of the food.

    I’m also logging miles in. I’m running a 5k in a few weeks, I can run 3 miles no problem, but I want to take 1st place. 🙂 So I’m trying to run it in 21 minutes. So far I can only run it in 23. I think this will be as good as it gets, which is fine. 🙂

    Alrright, I’m checking in regularly again. Think of you often and wish you cooler weather,

    Shauna xoxo

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