Doing a Bit of Renovation.

We all know that decor/design is not a topic I often delve into on the blog.  Some people live for renovating and DIY.  I am not Some People.  Decorating is time-consuming and for me, it’s anxiety inducing as well because I have absolutely no idea of what I’m doing.

If I had to describe my design aesthetic (mind you, it has taken me about 6 months to think of these words), it is Classic Airy DepthClassic, because all of our furniture and accessories are very traditional pieces.  Airy, because all of our walls are light neutrals and we get an obscene amount of natural light from our windows.  We have a vaulted ceiling in our living room and the window is squarely positioned in the middle of the branches of  our Flowering Crab Tree.  It is sort of like living in a tree house.  I adore it.  Depth because all of our furniture is neutral-dark and we have lots of dark wood and bronze accents.  This pattern repeats itself everywhere in our home.

For more information about describing your aesthetic, read this post.

When Marcus bought what is now Our House five years ago, there were not Lots of things that needed fixing, but there were A Few.  The chief offenders being the white laminate cabinets in the kitchen and the master bathroom.  While I’ve finally figured out What To Do About The Cabinets That Won’t Cost $10,000 (answer: refacing), since that project will still cost about $3,000, I’m holding off a bit longer.

We will start working on that bathroom soon, and with it a host of other cosmetic painting projects that I think will open up our space even more (we have about 1300 square feet).  I’ll share more about those plans as they come together.

To get energized, I’ve pulled out a couple of design books that I sourced when Marcus bought this place five years ago.

Domino house-beautiful-colors

While it’s highly unlikely that I will ever own a faux-zebra pelt rug, and I know that at this point there is zero chance that we’ll be painting our entryway black, the color palettes and design concepts that these two books contain are so helpful for someone like me.

Are there any home design or DIY blogs that you love?


2 responses to “Doing a Bit of Renovation.

  1. You have to have read Young House Love, right?

    Of course, I’m pretty pleased with one room renovation in my home:

  2. I totally understand! I am not Some People either. We chose our house because it was turn-key and even *painted* in colors we’d like. That’s how DIY I’m not. 😉

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