Friday Food Round-Up!

This week was a week of meals and un-meals.  Like the night where I brought Molly’s (Green Chile) Artichoke Dip and The Homesick Texan’s Pimento Cheese to a girls’ night (don’t worry guys, I brought celery sticks AND crackers because…balance) and washed it down with a thin mint brownie.

Wednesday – Grilled Fish Tacos with SpicyGrilled Pineapple Salsa from Dinner: A Love Story, Elote and Guacamole


About a month ago, Marcus went on the annual fishing trip that the men on his side of the family take.  While we are still saving most of the walleye for the corresponding annual family fish fry, his zayde was willing to part with a pound or so of fish so that we could cook a bit on our own as well.

So we called my in-laws up and made a night of grilling fish tacos on the deck. Most Julys are absolutely stifling in Minnesota but this one has been quite pleasant so we take advantage of being outside when we can.  We learned grilling fish is near impossible and we also did The Lord’s Work of introducing more people to the delicacy that is Elote.  Amen.

Thursday – Kimchi Fried Rice with Soft Fried Eggs and Hibachi Vegetables


Surprisingly or not surprisingly (since we had half a jar of kimchi left in the fridge) we made this fried rice for dinner again.  At this point, this dish is a combination of about six kimchi fried rice recipes (there are many on the internet) and the next time we make it, I’ll do my best to write down what all goes in and when.  I pinky swear we will make it again, because I don’t know that Marcus has ever eaten something that I have cooked faster.

Hibachi vegetables…I cannot remember if I have told y’all about this or not.  But when I get a hankering for hibachi (aka ALWAYS), this preparation method is a great way to scratch that itch.  To make, I cook the vegetables (dry) over medium-high heat.  The broccoli goes first because it takes longer.  When that is nearing completion, I dump 1/2 cup of water in to steam it the rest of the way.  Once that is cleared out of the pan completely, I start again with the zucchini.  This time, when it is nearly cooked, I add the broccoli back to the pan with a tablespoon of butter, a scoop of minced garlic and a gurgle of soy sauce.  It is So Good.



One response to “Friday Food Round-Up!

  1. I have never had homemade pimento cheese before – that was amazing! (re: girls’ night)

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