Dead Tree

The Back Story On This One: Last year, our HOA cut down a number of coniferous trees in our neighborhood because they were diseased.  Ours was one of them, it was well over 20 feet tall and it has completely changed the light that we get on our deck/yard.  I accepted our tree’s fate because in the battle of degenerative tree diseases v. humans, because landscaping never wins.

So anyway, they cut the trees down and they replanted them with new, tinier trees.  Not a big deal.  Except apparently all of these trees are weak-willed trees with no desire to carry on in the spirit of their tree ancestors.  Which brings us to Summer 2014.

In May, I reached out to our HOA because our landscaping looks like crap (sparse rocks, plastic sheeting falling apart, etc.) and what we have was created by them.  While I am more than happy to spend some money improving the exterior of our yard, I feel like they have the obligation to right the disaster they hath wrought upon us.

I also took the time to point out said New Tree to the association.

The response we received:

Several of the newly planted spruce trees show no or only partial new growth. On June 23, 2014 a representative of Happy Land Tree Farm (the company who planted 33 new trees in 2013) was at (development name redacted) to inspect all the newly planted trees. We expect their inspection report sometime next week.

Your Spruce tree is sort of interesting. The bottom part us dead, the upper part shows healthy new grow and the top part has not made up  its mind what it wants to do.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

What the tree actually looks like.


I think it has made up its mind.




2 responses to “Dead Tree

  1. Who knew having an HOA was like having a slumlord?
    The more you know.

  2. I appreciate the liberal anthropomorphizing that your HOA took with the tree. You don’t usually see that behavior in stuffed shirts.

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