Running on The River Road

River Road

Last week, Angie and I met up for a run/dinner date because it is summer and now is the time to take advantage of outdoor running.  We did our warm-up/cool-down together and while she did some sort of barf-y speed workout at the track, I went down to The River Road.

I don’t use my friends for their proximity to beautiful running trails, but I do appreciate that those trails exist.

Wednesday’s run was one where after about a mile and a half, I fell into The Zone and I did not rejoin the group until a couple of minutes before I was back at the track for cool-down time.  The Zone is not something I chase because generally, I appreciate the hour (give or take) I have to work through life as my feet are moving.  That being said, I haven’t been “in” The Zone for months probably so it was a really lovely and relaxing run.

Yesterday, I pulled out my planner from 2013 (which also doubles as a workout log) to get an idea of what 10 Mile training will look like this year.

Summary: Apparently I started training for the 10 Mile in mid-August last year and to give my legs a break from marathon training, I did a massive drop in mileage.  Which is actually a fairly logical choice.  I wrote all of the workouts down anyway and over the next few weeks, I’ll figure out what I can/should bulk up and what can stay the same.  Riveting stuff, I know.

As always, there are goals.  (1) Do not get injured and (2) Beat my time from last year (1:30:10).  Goal #1 really matters, Goal #2 is because we all need something to work towards.



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