Another Day Up North

Y’all.  We have finally made it to July.  June is over.  Go forth.  Rejoice.  Be glad.

I will be honest, when I requested the PTO for this family vacation in February, I envisioned something little bit more…relaxing.  By relaxing, I mean: Beer-Sun-Running-Swimming-Books Reading-Repeat.

In the spirit of keeping this blog as an accurate reflection of my life, I will be the first to admit that the last 48 hours have been some sort of awful grief haze.  Today was much better than Sunday, but Holy God, you guys.  I forgot how emptying and exhausting grief is.  Mom and I were doing a fairly good job of keeping it together today and then Dad arrived at the cabin with a sympathy card from Dr. Helen and all of us were moved to instantaneous (big) tears.

So there’s that.

Because of how our vacation fell over the 4th of July and the World Cup, I have to confess that I packed as much for the cabin as I did for our 17 day European backpacking extravaganza.  In addition to the usual ensembles, I had to pack my 2006 German World Cup soccer jersey (Dad brought his matching kit as well) as well as my America vest and patriot scarf.

Both of them have been getting good use.  In fact, because the next Germany game is on July 4th, I will have the opportunity to wear all of my festive apparel at once if that is what my little heart desires!

Today, prior to the start of the USA-Belgium match I discovered this flag in the closet.  Displaying it proudly was the only choice, obviously.


Imagine my surprise when my mother asked me how many stars the flag had on it and we discovered there are only 48.  We really should not have been surprised because this is the cabin after all.  But, for those members of the group wondering, exactly how old is that flag? I am happy to share that this flag was purchased prior to 1959.  Furthermore, in case you did not know this little tidbit (and I certainly did not), Alaska and Hawaii both achieved statehood in the same year.  The more you know, right?

Tomorrow, Billy and Marcus will rejoin us at the cabin.  The sun should make an appearance (apparently there is a polar air mass over Minnesota right now…how lucky).  We will start fresh once more.


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