Marathon Monday: TCM 2014

Great news, kittens!  Marathon Monday is back.

Don’t pretend that you haven’t missed the minutiae we get to dissect as it relates to my mileage, the way my joints ache, or what I am eating/fueling with vs. what I should be eating/fueling with.

According to the calendar, it is already Week 16 or something (most plans begin at Week 18), so I took a look at the Hansons Marathon Method training plan on Saturday and wrote it into my planner.  Just writing it down was exhausting so I can’t wait to start logging those 10 mile tempo runs in August-September!

In other news, remember how it took me three years to replace my running socks?  Well, last week I finally replaced my four year old sports bras.  I know you’re supposed to take care of that…more often.  Real talk: The elastic/hold on the old ones was perfectly fine until about a month or two ago.  By sheer luck of the draw, Champion happened to be having a sale when I was ready to make my purchase so four bras =$80 + free shipping.  That’s a pretty solid deal.

The other excellent development in my running life is the fact that when we installed a new garage door at the beginning of the month, we installed a remote-less entry as well.  I can now use the keypad to get in/out of the house instead of having to attach a house key to my shoelaces.  It may only be a little change, but it’s definitely a nice one.

Are you training for any races right now?


2 responses to “Marathon Monday: TCM 2014


    Katherine – can you please order those runner ids for dad and me so when we bike someone might know who we are?

  2. I’ll be training vicariously through you!

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