Friday Food Round-Up

How to explain this week: There have really been better ones.

But the round-up!  It must go on!

I knew heading into this 14 day span (of which we are now approximately 7 days into), that food was not going to be a primary concern and that it would be easier to Stop Trying from the get go than to Try and then end up in some sort of anxiety/inadequacy spiral.

So we ate fajitas for first Father’s Day and did Ramen Monday at Unideli for second Father’s Day.  I learned how to microwave baked potatoes (which I paired with mashed avocado and BBQ sauce for a meal), and we used a BOGO coupon for Chipotle.

Whatever.  Some weeks, you just do what you can to hang on and survive.

Wednesday – Trader Joe’s Garlic Chicken Sausages with Elote and Coleslaw


Seriously, if this meal had involved anything more complex than throwing things on the grill or dumping and stirring, we would have eaten takeout for this meal as well.

There is a 100% chance that next week will be declared a hot dog festival as well.


2 responses to “Friday Food Round-Up

  1. My week was like that, too! I’ve heard that Unideli is a “best-kept secret.” But really is it “best kept” if we know about it now? Need to check it out. My husband loves ramen.

  2. I’m pumped to try elote for The Z this summer – she’s a corn fanatic and a taco fanatic so I think it’ll work. Any specific recipe used or just general “these are elote ingredients”?

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