A Belated Father’s Day

Christmas Morning

It should be 100% not surprising that with the wedding last weekend, Father’s Day plans got just a little bit derailed.  As in: It was not going to be possible to do a post-wedding brunch and two sets of Father’s Days.

So, while we had the opportunity to celebrate my wonderful Father-in-Law on the 15th, Dad had to take a number.

I don’t usually go in for the Father’s Day/Mother’s Day/Birthday Facebook posts and Instagram stories, but I felt like my Dad has imparted a few gems to me over the years that are good for all of us to hear.

Like the fact that he has always told me that I am smart before he says that I am beautiful/pretty/funny.  Or how he is the person who taught me that It’s Nice To Be Important But It Is More Important To Be Nice.  He is the person that never let Billy and I forget that we are His Favorite Only Daughter and His Favorite Only Son (except now Billy has to share with Marcus).

Those are exactly the things that kids need to learn and hear from their parents.  They are the kinds of things I never ever noticed when I was a tiny pup, but they are most certainly the lessons that I am a better person because of.

Happy (belated) Father’s Day, Dad.


One response to “A Belated Father’s Day

  1. You taught him the ABC,s of barracuda management and hair styling. He taught you colors on your first after dinner walks through parking lots and cars to give me a break. He knew what the bassoon was and loved Peter and the Wolf just like you. He loved ballet because of you. Because of you he cheered at games and went to banquets. And his first words to you in a whisper of nerves of joy and worry – baby Katherine welcome we live on the Planet Earth. You taught him how to be a dad and Billy polished your work. We are so fortunate. Hummmmm

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