Friday Food Round-Up!

If I had to think of a completely unplanned week, meal-wise, this would have to be it.  Sure I wrote some ideas down, but if you don’t execute on them, it sort of negates the point of meal planning.  Regardless, I think we did pretty well for ourselves.

Sunday – Grilled or Broiled Chicken Cutlets in Sweet Soy Marinade, taco-style from How to Cook Everything Tacos with Elote


We were supposed to make migas for dinner.  Clearly this is not…migas.  It was a beautiful evening, chicken thighs were on sale at Cub for $0.99 and so in addition to stocking up, I realized we could grill without the fuss of thawing meat.

And then, I had an odd craving for fusion tacos.  At Mads’ wedding reception, they had a taco truck that served up Korean Beef tacos at 10:00 PM.  They were beyond delicious and in my intoxicated state, I ate probably eight of them.  Considering how vividly I remember them two years later, I am okay with this decision.

Anyway, I marinated the chicken, Marcus grilled it up, and then we carved it up and served it with corn tortillas, traditional taco fixings and elote.  Not bad for an entirely made-up meal.

Monday – Harissa and Honey Hot Wings, Simple Beans, Patatas Bravas and Beet and Walnut Salad from Balaboosta


I knew that we would be eating chicken thighs for dinner and with it, some potpourri of pantry staples likely involving green beans and potatoes.  As luck would have it, Balaboosta had recipes for both as well.

While I was looking for a chicken preparation, I stumbled across the recipe for beet salad.  If you want to know what really happened there, in our family we eat beets (from a can) at Easter.  I was responsible for those and I completely failed.  So this can of beets has just been hanging out in our pantry.  Between that, the misfit bag of chopped walnuts in the freezer and the ever-constant can of mandarin oranges I keep handy, the salad came together in a snap.

Marcus even said we could eat the beet salad again, so that’s a win.

Thursday – Risotto


Happy anniversary to us.

Risotto has been Marcus’ favorite meal of all time, since I first made it during our dating years.  Naturally, since I am a terrible wife, we probably haven’t made it for at least a year (I dropped the ball on that one).  With all of that in mind, it sounded like the perfect at-home dinner for our date night.

There really is no formal recipe for this dish, but I may post some “guidelines” at some point so you can enjoy a similarly joyous meal.


One response to “Friday Food Round-Up!

  1. I got confused by the flipped pictures at the top, but YUM. J is a massive beet fan and I love the idea of pairing them with a crunch.

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