Another Cabin Weekend

This weekend, Marcus and I joined Mom, Dad and Spot Up North At The Cabin.  This was our wedding-free weekend, and what else were we going to do besides go to The Cabin?  I know we could do a perfectly fine job of relaxing at home, but that is what winter (crosses self) is for.

On Friday night, when we were debating dinner options, I suggested that maybe we could go to Norway Ridge.

Cabin 001

It’s a swanky little supper club (I put on Real Pants), and on Friday nights they have All You Can Eat Smoked Ribs.  I have been dreaming of them since the last time I ate them, and they were 100% on my summer bucket list.

Cabin 002

Yes, I ordered seconds.  Did I mention that they make their own BBQ sauce?  Another plus.  Obviously.

It was supposed to pour all weekend, and miraculously, it didn’t.

Cabin 007 Cabin 009

So Marcus and I ordered a pizza To Go from Zorbaz and enjoyed the afternoon outside.  I even shared one of my camo koozies with him.

Cabin 014

The couple that koozies together stays together.

We each took turns casting off of the dock and caught nothing, which wasn’t terribly surprising.

Marcus: What are you going to do if something bites?

Me:…Catch it?

This was also the weekend where the dragonflies came out of the water.  So we engaged in Science Hour.

Cabin 015

They actioned their annual swarm last night and was so fun to watch them swooping and winging their way over the water.

Cabin 018 Cabin 026 Cabin 031

Between the sun, the 19 hours of sleep I got over two nights (OMG The Sleep) and the fresh air, there was not a single moment this weekend that wasn’t gorgeous.  All of it was hardcore restorative.

Next Stop: 4th of July Week!


One response to “Another Cabin Weekend

  1. When my dad died, his dear friend, a youth pastor, came and sat and spoke with me. Even though I was (just) 21, he told me an allegorical tale about dragonflies. They live underwater, always gazing up to the surface, wondering, “What happens to those of us who go up there? Let’s all promise each other to tell each other if we ever find out.” One day, one of them who made such a promise made his way up to the surface, found his wings, and began to fly. After feeling the pure joy of flight and sunlight and Being Above, he remembered his promise and darted back to the water’s surface. He was sad to realize that he couldn’t again go underwater to tell those he loved how glorious it was Above, but he felt lucky that he could see them and watch them and look over them.

    So, if you’ve ever wondered why I love dragonflies.

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