Scotches and Stuff

I suppose since it has nearly been two months, it’s time to discuss Scotch once more.

I finally managed to finish my first bottle of Scotch, which was a point of pride for me.  I felt like when we bought it there was a 50% chance that I would stay committed to the cause and a 50% chance that we would end up with a $30 bottle of half-finished Scotch.

Good news = The Scotch is Gone!  Bad news = The Scotch is Gone.

I was obviously interested when Dad texted me to say that he had discovered  Trader Joe’s house-line of Scotches.  Since Marcus and I are big buyers of Two Buck Chuck, I of course had to give these bottles a try.  Plus, they are manufactured/bottled in Scotland so they are legitimate Scotch Whiskeys.

Seriously, everybody wins.

I told Marcus that my In Case Of Emergency Plan if they tasted like lighter fluid was to use them to make The Pioneer Woman’s Peach-Whiskey Barbeque Chicken.  Always good to have a fail safe plan.

The actual bottle I had set out in search of was the Islay Storm.  I am oddly a big fan of Islay Scotches and those happen to be a bit pricey.

Scotch 2

This bottle = $20 only.  To summarize the flavors, it tastes like a campfire in a delicious way.  I think it’s what is described in most circles as “peat.”  Let’s also take a moment right now to remember that I don’t exactly have what anyone would consider a developed palate and that my ability to identify flavors is basic at best.

Since I was there and the cashier was being a hustler, I also grabbed a bottle of their Blended Scotch.Scotch 1

The $9.99 price did not hurt.  This bottle is a much easier sip (vastly smoother in comparison than what you see in Islay Scotches).  I would say it’s good for drinking, good for flasking, or good for mixing into other Whiskey cocktails.

For a grand total of $30, I was able to source both bottles for less than the price of Glenfidditch 12.  That’s not a bad propostion.




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