Marathon Training Again

Straight from the department of things that sound mostly exhausting right now, today is the first week of marathon training for the Twin Cities Marathon.  Properly, today is actually Day One.

I’ve spent the last eight months running 25 miles per week.  No speedwork.  No exceptional terrain.  Mostly indoors because it was winter, after all.  Building a base, trying to do all of it the right way.  I can speak highly for the virtues of all of this now.

For the last eight months, I’ve been able to run without pain.  For a running life that has been plagued with Lots Of Pain, it’s impossible to say how truly wonderful this has been.  Just running, because I can.  Running, so that I can run more.  But, the registration fees are already paid and it’s time to begin again.

I’ll be using the Hansons Marathon Method, just like my attempt last year.  I truly believe that had I not come straight off of a marathon on cobblestones and a month of rest that was more healing than anything else, I would have had success.  And for the amount of health that I didn’t bring to the table last year, the plan still kept me from exacerbating my injury for longer than I ever could have reasonably anticipated.

The first four-ish weeks of the plan are dedicated to mileage building, so I plan to spend the next month continuing to increase my base mileage outside as well as adding another day of running to my week.  Depending on how the plan goes, I will either follow the plan to a T or I will follow the mileage schedule and drop the speedwork, depending on how my legs are feeling.

There are no medals for ending up back in physical therapy.  There are medals for crossing the finish line on the first Saturday in October.


2 responses to “Marathon Training Again

  1. You are right, train smart!

  2. I used Hanson’s for Fargo and (as you know) cut over 30 minutes off my best time. Hopefully it works as well for you! I’m using it again for TCM; we’ll have to compare notes!

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