Wedding Weekend III

Another weekend, another wedding.

Today, I actually packed off to another bridal shower, held in honor of Miss Jillian.  In which when I walked into the room, I promptly wiped out on the raised tile surrounding the fireplace, earning me a spot on the floor and a skinned knee.  Graceful like a baby elephant right here.

But back to this wedding thing, we have five weddings in six weekends (this weekend was wedding #3), so this is our new life now.  Actually, this has pretty much been our life for the last five years, but who is keeping track?

In this round of The Game Of Love, Mollie and Seth got hitched at the Lafayette Club.  They read love letters to one another during their ceremony in addition to their vows (I feel like usually it’s one or the other) and words they shared were some of the sweetest I have ever heard. Those peas in a pod are meant for one another.

Guest list-wise, each of us knew approximately four other sorority sisters who had RSVPed, so when the full group revealed itself, we were extremely surprised and wildly joyful.  Not that weddings are about guests, but if they were, we were the luckiest.  Jenn came home from South Korea and Jess came in from Kentucky before she starts her residency next week!

Despite the fact that Minnesota has been hardcore committed to torrential downpours for the past 48 hours, there was a pleasant (albeit humid!) stretch of 20 minutes or so where we took advantage of photo-op-ing in the evening light.

Wedding 1 Wedding 2 Wedding 3

We all know that the place photo-op-ing wasn’t going to happen was on the dance floor.  Speaking of which, I drank two cups of coffee at 9:00 PM to keep the party going.  A great idea in concept, but a terrible idea when I woke up and was AWAKE at 3:00 AM.  That’s just not a battle you can win.

Wedding 4

Also, because this is too funny not to share…After dinner, there was just a little bit of time between cake eating and the first dance.  We were in the middle doing selfies and whatnot (you know, The Lord’s Work) and happened upon the abandoned childrens’ play table where there were sheets upon sheets of temporary tattoos.

There was one full sheet of Disney Princess tattoos with no scissors in-sight, and this was a siren song that we could not resist.  Why would you do one temporary tattoo when you could get a full back tattoo?  So Stephanie, always ready to rally, offered herself as Tribute.

I would like to give a shout-out to the 50-year-old woman who, upon seeing us enter the ladies’ room said, I want to stick around and see how this goes.

Miraculously, the entire sheet transferred.

Wedding 5

Clearly our finest hour.


One response to “Wedding Weekend III

  1. What was amazing was that your dress did not fly up and your hair was completely unfazed. I feel bad that the fireplace claimed you as victim however…you are truly a trooper of a bridesmaid 🙂

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