Friday Food Round-Up!

The only way I can summarize this week is that you have to set yourself up for success.  What that means for putting dinner on the table is that when you know you will have either No Time or No Energy, you have to do what works.

Miscellaneous – Black Bean, Roasted Corn & Avocado Salad on a Bed of Red Quinoa

Misc So this is absolutely a recipe that you can find on the back of the Trader Joe’s red quinoa package.  It is quite delicious stirred together and eaten as is, or used as a dip for chips.  Try it and you’ll see.

Wednesday – Roasted Chicken with 4-3-2-1 Spice Rub, Oven Fries, and Garlic Green Beans from Great, Easy Meals


The only thing that made this meal different is the fact that I pulled the skin off of the chicken thighs because we were grilling them and one time we nearly sent the grill (and our entire deck) up in flames because we grilled chicken thighs with the skin on.  It’s a work in progress.

Thursday – West Texas Stacked Enchiladas with Guacamole


What we did: Thaw enchilada sauce.  Preheat the oven.  Shred some cheese.  Layer the mix in a dish and bake.  Mash up some guacamole and fry a few eggs to place on top.  The best part is that Marcus could do at least half of the work, so by the time that I tumbled in the door we were able to get dinner to the table in 20 minutes.  Victory: Us.


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