A Very Minnesotan Wedding

Y’all, it is wedding season.

Mind you, it has been wedding season for Marcus and I since 2009 or so.  Marrying people off has essentially become a hobby of ours.

This weekend, we (Mom, Dad, Billy, Marcus and I) attended the wedding of Caitlin (a life friend) to her (new) husband Dave.

Wedding 1

The reception was held at the Metropolitan Club at Target Field.  It’s an absolutely gorgeous space.

As a festive surprise, they had Goldy Gopher visit for an hour or so.  You see, Caitlin just got her doctorate from the U of M.  She met her husband at the U of M.  His parents met at the U of M. Her parents met at the U of M.  Her parents met our parents in student government.  At the U of M.  Which is also where they met.  And then Billy, Marcus and I went to the U of M.  Which is where Marcus and I met.

Summary: Everyone goes to Minnesota and then they get married.  The End.  Amen.

Which is why Goldy was a wedding guest.  Naturally.

We took full advantage of the opportunity to photo with him.

Wedding 2Wedding 3

And then, after three rounds of the rouser.  I realized that we are officially Those People Who Get Extremely Nostalgic About College.  Full circle, people.  Full circle.


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