On the Road: Louisville Eats

For the amount of energy we did not put into planning out our Louisville dining experience (i.e. I didn’t even consider making reservations) we got idiotically lucky at finding seats at hot restaurants.  Which is to say that by sheer virtue of timing, the longest we waited for a seat was 10 minutes.


Some things to establish: This dive is legit located in the middle of a residential area.

Hammerheads 1 Hammerheads 2

Spiritually speaking, this establishment wants to live in NE Minneapolis.

Hammerheads 3

This restaurant was recommended to us highly by one of Billy’s friends as well as by Jen .  HOLY GOD.


We had the good fortune of sitting at the bar and next to some Louisville culinary school somebody which granted us the gift of great conversation, great recommendations and great service.  Oh, and our (impromptu) dining partners, who had ordered a significant portion of the menu were more than happy to just…share their food with us.   If you force a fried macaroni and cheese ball on me, I’m probably not going to be strong enough to refuse it.  You know?

What we actually ordered…

Duck Fat Fries with Grippo Seasoning and Garlic Salt

Hammerheads 4

I still don’t really understand what grippo seasoning is, but this particular combination of flavors was actually ideated/expressed by said dining partners, so I was like…duh, yes.

Pork Belly Baked Beans

Hammerheads 7

You guys.  YOU GUYS.  THESE BEANS.  This is what all beans on earth forever Amen should taste like.

PB (pork belly) LT

Hammerheads 6

How to make a BLT better: Use 1″ slices of pork belly instead.  I enjoyed about 1/4 of this sandwich.  Marcus enjoyed 3/4 of this sandwich.  But that is because…

Smoked Ribs

Hammerheads 5

Our dining partners informed us that this was the first evening they had made it in time to order these ribs before they had run out.  Yes, of course, we will have an order of those as well please.

These ribs were so tender that we could pull the bones out, which is to say nothing of the gorgeous smokey crust on the meat or the really insane house BBQ sauce that I will dream of for the rest of my life.

Jack Fry’s

I have a colleague who used to live in Louisville and when I inquired about favorite places, this was the first on the list no questions asked.

Real talk: This place was three dollar signs on Yelp-swanky, y’all.  You know that’s not our typical M.O.  But it was pretty cool to roll into a Louisville establishment, the piano playing, in our Derby attire.  Talk about entrances you want to make.  If you’re not going to go for fancy then, I don’t know what reason you will ever find.

Since y’all know that eating a full meal is always Too Monotonous, we made it our mission to sample as many small plates as possible.  Apologies for the terribly lighting of these photos.  Fancy places are usually dark places.  No exception here.

Shrimp and Grits


Duck Confit




I am not ever the person who orders ravioli on a dinner menu, but when Marcus suggested these, I was game.   The combination of sage butter and “granola” tossed atop was quite lovely.

Warm Brie Salad


Because if you melt brie on a few leaves of lettuce and toss some slivered almonds into the mix, that legitimizes your cheese break as “salad.”

Lamb Boulettes


Crab Cakes


Chocolate Truffle Cake

I took a snap of this, but it turned out just terribly.  Just imagine a veritable brick of chocolate cake, wrapped in ganache and you’re already there.  A delightful ending to a delightful meal.


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