Friday Food Round-Up!

We got home from our Derby Roadtrip on Monday.  When we walked through the door, I moved into a sort of manic nesting-state.  We now have a clean pantry (there were not too many canned experiments, but there were a few!) and batches of enchilada sauce, breakfast sausage and jalapeno mustard marinade in the freezer.

Monday – Breakfast Enchiladas from The Homesick Texan’s Family Table with Guacamole

Monday Cinco de Mayo, duh.

Since we very obviously weren’t going to be rolling any bacon into our enchiladas, I made this dinner a bit more friendly for our kitchen by actioning a stacked enchilada with eggs on top.

Tuesday – Dal Nirvana with rice and steamed broccoli


I don’t know why I decided to jump on board the lentil party-train, but this sounded like a more nutritious/vegetarian dinner than I could otherwise come up with on my own.

Most of the time when we cook lentils, they disappointingly (but not surprisingly!) taste like earth.  While these overcame the earth-issue, they were still much milder than other Indian-style dishes we make.

Since the combination of lentils and canned tomatoes is one of the cheapest ever, I decided to double the batch and freeze a batch if the meal ended up being edible, which it was.  I figured that if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t feel terrible pitching the rest of it into the bin, because I didn’t have to exert any additional time/energy to accomplish the feat.

Thursday – Jalapeno Mustard Roasted Chicken, Green Beans with Cilantro Pesto and Mexican Fried Potatoes from The Homesick Texan


All I can say about this dinner is, Thank You Lisa.


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