On the Road: New Glarus

In case you haven’t noticed, Marcus and I have become fans of The Great American Roadtrip.  So it made sense for us to plan a few stops on our way to and from Louisville.

Our first stop was New Glarus, Wisconsin.  New Glarus is a tiny town about 20 or so miles outside of Madison.  It is tucked into the prettiest, rolling green hills and is known as America’s Little Switzerland.

New Glarus 1 New Glarus 2 New Glarus 3

They really work the theme with an intense level of commitment.

New Glarus 4

When we stopped in the town a few years ago, I ate some cheese curds at a restaurant called Glarner Stube and vowed to return.  So we did.

New Glarus 6

What makes these curds so exceptional is the fluffy beer batter they are swathed in.  The only finer curds to be found in America are those at the Mouse Trap in the food building at the Minnesota State Fair.

Another reason it’s such a gem is because their only taps are from New Glarus Brewing Company.

New Glarus 5

For those of you who are unfamiliar, New Glarus Brewing’s beers can only be purchased in the state of Wisconsin.  Between the two of us we enjoyed the Uff-Da, Spotted Cow, Moon Man and a limited edition Abbey-style ale.

When dinner rolled around, I had a wedge salad because at this point in the trip my mind was still somewhat focused on…healthy things.

New Glarus 7

Insomuch as you can call something covered in blue cheese healthy.  They are so retro.  I just love them.

And then Marcus shared some of his wiener schnitzel, kraut and rosti with me.

New Glarus 10New Glarus 9New Glarus 8

Because if a dinner plate-sized skillet full of rosti isn’t a single serving, I do not know what is.  Truly, his meal could have served three with leftovers.  The only rosti I’ve eaten before are those served at Hell’s Kitchen.  These were definitely less seasoned (no bacon or green onions), but they made up for that in the melted cheese department.  Don’t change Wisconsin.

After that delightful meal, we hightailed it to bed because we were set to head out early the next morning.  But what a delightful way to spend the evening.


2 responses to “On the Road: New Glarus

  1. Want. All. Of. This.

    (Also, a wedge is totally healthy – I saw lettuce, cukes, and tomatoes on that plate.)

  2. I love their raspberry tart and try to get it whenever I see it when I’m back in WI. Is it wrong that I did not know a hashbrown cake-thing was called rosti? Looks So Good.

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