Easter Weekend

Y’all, this weekend was just wonderful.  Billy came home from Texas (Spot once again was So Surprised he was still alive), the weather was on its best behavior and even though it wasn’t one of those weekends where we just kicked back and relaxed, it was so soothing.

On Saturday, we colored Easter Eggs.  In our family, some eggs are frivolous, but others take a more…political tone.  Billy and I both lead off with Kim Jong Un eggs.  Our efforts were not coordinated, but clearly our intentions were.  Other Easter Eggs that made an appearance were the MH 370 Sonar Egg, the Failed Sochi Olympic Ring Egg and the NIT Champions Egg.

They all became deviled eggs in short order.

Today, it was 70 degrees and cloudless, without a breeze.

I wore shorts and a tank top because the thought of anything more formal was unbearable.  Marcus had his outfit planned before mine, so I did my best to out-Easter him.


I then pledged to spend the entirety of the day post-brunch outside.  Which, after seven hours in the sun, I can say I did successfully.

We all took turns rotating in and out of the stadium seats that Billy rescued from the Metrodome.


Everyone took advantage of using the cup holders because, they were there.  I can’t believe that I am going to say this, but I think between the sun and the full body sunburn I’m sporting right now, I am a little bit dehydrated.  Considering how far we have come since 7.5 inches of snow on Wednesday January, I will take it.

As our final act of revolt against Winter, we ate Easter supper sitting in a circle outside.  We ran out of knives, so armed with only a fork, most everything on my plate (excluding mashed potatoes) became finger food.  I don’t know that Asparagus salad was really designed to be eaten that in that fashion, but you work with what you have.  I don’t think I could be part of a family that would do it any other way.


4 responses to “Easter Weekend

  1. So great to here your voice on the podcast. (The first podcast I have ever listened to…so behind the times…) and is your hair color looking lighter these days? I like it.

  2. Was supposed to be hear, not here. Stupid auto fill.

  3. Kat!!!! I see your are happy and healthy and I am so glad!! You’ve had some good weather, awesome and you look amazing. Glad all is well and you are an expert at self photography. I need help with that. I will love an outfit and think, “I’ll post this, like Kat.” And then I take it and suddenly the outfit isn’t so cute and I hardly recognize my face? Ha!! Love, love, love,

    Shauna xoxoxxxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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