Friday Food Round-Up!

We will not whip out the matzo pizza until this weekend, which I count as a massive personal victory.  Not because matzo pizza is bad (actually it’s quite good in a Lunchable Pizza Kit sort of way), but because there are no leftovers where matzo pizza is concerned and it’s fairly nutritionally void.

Wednesday – Stacked Jalapeno-Cheese Enchiladas to The Homesick Texan’s Family Table


Cruel realities of Passover: My plate was the prettier of the two.  I can only imagine what sort of structural support this meal might enjoy if made properly with corn tortillas instead of…matzo sheets.

However, after two nights of roasted meat and potatoes, this was a bright way to change up our meals.  The salsa verde recipe made so much sauce, that I actually saved a small container to make more enchiladas if the mood strikes before the holiday is over.

Thursday – Pollo Asado with German Potato and Green Bean Salad from The Homesick Texan’s Family Table


Y’all know I cannot resist a recipe that involves roasting chicken.  Our only modification to the recipe (beyond using chicken thighs instead of a whole chicken) is that I browned the chicken thighs on both sides prior to popping them into the oven.  How nice.

The salad situation was just lovely.  I am a massive potato salad fan, and I don’t know that I’ve ever tried one that used green beans as well.  Throw in some dill and you have a substantial side dish that feels a bit lighter.


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