Joining Up with the B+ Life Podcast.

I know.  I know y’all are wondering, Kat, where is this going.

Me too.  So please bear with me, kittens.

Approximately four years ago, I started reading Sarah’s blog.  Three or so years ago, when Lindsay still lived in D.C., I got to pop off for brunch with Sarah while I was out on a visit.  I feel like when you get picked up from a metro station by a complete stranger in suburban Virginia you are officially friends for life because you have both officially escaped murder/kidnapping/mugging/The Worst Case Scenario.

But, like I said, Sarah picked me up at the metro station and as we worked our way through mountains of breakfast potatoes and eggs (the best) we talked about EVERYTHING.  She is just as wonderful in person as she is on her blog, y’all.  Over the years, our friendship has grown as have our writing collaborations – she is the fearless ringleader of our little Project Reverb team.

I was so honored when Sarah asked me to join her stable of recovering perfectionists trying their hardest to live a B+ life by recording a podcast with her.  Prior to the first week of April, I had never even listened to a podcast, much less thought about whether or not I would ever appear on one!

I hope that you’ll click here to listen.  If for no other reason than the fact that you want to hear what I sound like in real life.  I mean, maybe you also want to know about the moment I first realized as an eight year old that if everything went perfectly, my life would be great!  Since you know how we would do this if WE were meeting in real life, pour yourself a glass of wine, crack open a LaCroix or brew yourself a mug of tea to drink while you listen!


One response to “Joining Up with the B+ Life Podcast.

  1. Very cool! Im excited to listen to this on my plane trip east tomorrow!

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