Wedding Wednesday: Saree Edition

In case we’re all wondering how long it has been since the last Wedding Wednesday, it has been the better part of three years.  That’s A Good Thing.  We got married, life went on.

But, with eleven weddings on the agenda this year, I feel like there might be a few stories to tell here and there.

For example.

One of my darling sorority sisters is Guyanese and part of her wedding celebration this August will include traditional Hindu observances.  It will be more than one day, one day will involve meat feasting, the other day will involve no meat, etc.  When we were discussing all of this over drinks, I asked if it would be appropriate to wear a saree to this event.  I think sarees are so beautiful and I have always wanted to own one/have a reason to wear it!

Her response was Absolutely Yes and suddenly we were ALL ordering saree fabric.  Or more realistically, she was shepherding 10 women through the process of selecting and ordering fabric and arranging for a tailor.  Because, you know, planning your wedding isn’t stressful enough to begin with.

The fabric finally arrived about a month ago and today we got to see our selections as well as get measured for the tops (not pictured) and stitching.


The stitching is to keep the fabric/wrapping/pleats in place so that we can dance fearlessly (vs. wrapping them in the traditional manner without stitches).  The stitching will also incorporate a bit of lining, etc. so that we have an appropriate amount of modesty since some of the fabric is a bit…sheer.

We had many decisions to make: how long we wanted our tops to be (it is typical for the top of the saree to expose a bit of your stomach), the style of neckline that would be most appropriate and whether or not we needed sleeves.  My fabric apparently came with the border you need to make sleeves, so having them was non-negotiable.

The next step is to wait for them to be completed, at which point we will have a final fitting and be released into the wild!  I am pretty sure that more thought has gone into this ensemble than my own wedding dress so I am extremely excited to see the end result.


6 responses to “Wedding Wednesday: Saree Edition

  1. Blair's Head Band

    Oh my goodness I LOVE THIS. The color is gorgeous on you and I love that you’re all embracing this cultural celebration in addition to the romantic/partnership celebration. Can’t wait to see the final result! (Also, shoes – discuss).

  2. Kat, this is gorgeous.

  3. You make the Saree look soright!

  4. So, I’m totally catching up but I am IN love with this green on you!

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