Skirts and Shorts

I placed a J. Crew Factory order last week because I’m searching for some dresses to take down to the Derby and they had a really good sale going on.  The dress portion of the delivery happened to be disastrous (really odd fit issues), but the other pieces I threw into my shopping cart were a hit.

Last spring,  I bought a seersucker skirt that I ended up loving, even though it felt like a bit of a splurge when I got it.   As I wore it for the entire summer, I thought it might be nice to grab a few more summery skirts for the cabin, bridal showers and nights out.

Navy Eyelet  Swingy

They’re not exactly statement pieces, but I was really pleased with both of them when I pulled them out of the wrap.  I may or may not have completely forgotten that I had ordered the black skirt until I saw it in the box.

We also know that my life will not be complete until I own chino shorts in every color of the rainbow.

Sea Glass Shorts

Sun Shorts

With discount, the yellow shorts were $13.  No complaints here.

For those members of the group who are keeping track, I  now own shorts in the following shades: khaki, olive green, seafoam green, navy blue, yellow, red and hot pink.

The dress search?  Continues.


One response to “Skirts and Shorts

  1. Blair's Head Band

    I live for J. Crew Factory. I have four blouses (2 JCF, 2 Banana) at my tailor’s currently. Being a Busty Gal is a blessing and a curse requiring the need to tailor blouses so I don’t look like a box.

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